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MadeWorn spoke to me the first time I saw it on a hanger at my old Equinox Retail job and I felt as if I knew everything about the designer Blaine Halvorson without ever having to read about him.  I knew the quality immediately because with my 8 years of experience working in retail, you just innately learn about fabrics and detailing and what goes into making certain things a possibility with fashion after handling so many different brands.

I didn’t buy the $160 tee right away,  I waited.  Because for my budget that was steep and even though my gut was saying it was worth it – I’ve developed a self-discipline mechanism within my shopping habits in order to prevent myself from over-shopping.  And trust me, I used to over-shop lol.  It’s kind of why I love styling people because I can get the “shopping urge” out of my system and on someone elses dime.  Which let’s be honest, is the way it should be if you’re smart 😉

Well, I ended up going back to work to get the tee because it was such a piece of art I said to myself – I have to.  I may not get the chance to own something this unique again.  And ultimately, I’m glad I splurged because it’s a piece that adds significant style relevance to my current personal style vibe and I have so much fun working and reworking this into various outfits.

My corporate boss at the time, Deb who is the Senior Director of Merchandising for Equinox Shops liked the tank too.  She took me aside before splurging herself and said to me “Ben, in your opinion is this worth it?”.  “Yes girl”  I replied.  Deadstock, piece of art is always worth it. $160 is nothing for what it should cost.  My advice to anyone is if you have the money to buy something – just fucking buy it, life is short.

See a few look details on how I incorporated the madeworn tank into my look below:

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a layering freak.  It probably comes from my lifes work spending years as a professional ballet dancer which undoubtedly molded me into a certifiable “bunhead“.   Illusion is my obsession and I love mixing textures and varying lengths of fabrics into a look because it’s a great way to wear more of your wardrobe and it also is a perfect way to mask parts of your body you may not be completely satisfied with.

The Tank(s): Here I’ve layered a mesh tank from Electric and Rose under the MadeWorn tank because it’s actually a women’s cut so it’s short for my torso and the neckline is a little lower-cut than I prefer.  This is okay though because, I get to layer more of my wardobe into this look!

The Jewelry: I hate mass-produced jewelry and unless it’s a cartier love bracelet, I won’t wear something that you can get anywhere (unless I alter it myself so it’s more unique).  here I have vintage pieces I’ve collected – including an italian hand made glass rosary that I bought in pieces and put back together to make one, streamlined piece.  It’s an alternate option to the look you see in the shoot where I stuck with a gold chain (my boyfriend for some really weird reason LOVES when I wear this chain, he says it gives me a lil manly edgy look).  The rings are my custom engagement ring, my cartier band and a vintage piece my friend Lillianna gave me from her own personal collection as a gift (she’s the creator and owner of Lilliannajewelry.com).

Joggers and Shoes:  I don’t wear anything but workout leggings, joggers, leather pants or black denim.  In this look I opted for a simple jogger because this outfit is something I’d wear to run around and do errands in and I don’t need to get all crazy with leather and denim to hop in and out of the car.  This look is easily elevated by swapping the joggers for leather pants or black skinny slacks and removing the hoodie.  Takes the look from athleisure to the Abbey – day to night.

The shoes are some Puma’s I found on sale online and swooped them ASAP. They’re super comfortable and they look more expensive than they cost because of all the detailing.


Remember if you would like to set up a style consultation with me so we can elevate your wardrobe –  don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Despite the superficial glitz and glam bullshit that fashion can become, I teach you the fundamentals that are important in determining your own personal style aesthetic as well as my special tactics for creating a set of healthy habits for you to apply when confronting your own image.  Don’t let the world of fashion intimidate you, dive in head first and let me be your guide.

I’ll be that friend you never had, promise.

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