Eclectic Punk – Presenting the Gucci Men’s Cruise 2017 Collection

My Breakdown:

Leather outerwear detailed with animal motifs and the Web stripe, acid wash denim and colorful knits define the new season’s lineup.  Perfect for the stylish, fashion forward guy yet this collection still speaks to the not-so-edgy guy with pieces that can be translated into many different looks.  All in all, some great pieces to add to your wardrobe or to start a Gucci collection if you haven’t already.

This picture is legit me hopping a fence to drink in a cemetery with my friends lol

Gucci Men’s Cruise 2017 Collection is available online today and I’m always obsessed with Gucci-everything so I wanted to share my favorite picks from the collection with all of you.  This collection is literally already mine, the only thing I need are the red-laced boots. <3 <3 <3

Below are my fave looks and pieces from the collection.  

You should wear these otherwise, stay home.



Look #56 – featuring: Cotton sweatshirt with embroideries $ 3,300 (click the photo to shop)


Feline head ring $ 265 (click the photo to shop)

This is Look #68 -I like all of these but with the crazy colors and prints I personally wouldn’t wear the acid wash denim Gucci Styled with them – I’d go with a solid or distressed black denim or leather pant. (click the photo to shop the look)

Patches are really in right now and something about this lil preppy, bee-patch sweater makes me feel like I’m in fall.  Or like I’m a student at a private school.

Wool sweater with bee appliqué $ 980 (click the photo to shop)

Look #89 (click the photo to shop)

This jacket is so random.  The Embroidered animals on the front look like my neighbors shitzu.  Adorbs.

Floral jacquard bomber $ 3,750 (click photo to shop)

The following outfit was literally made for me.  GIMME NOW NOW NOW.

Look #30 (click the photo to shop)

This jacket makes me feel really clean and virginal.  I’d probably get it really dirty TBH because I like to eat Sriracha with everything.

Hand-painted leather biker jacket $ 15,500 (click photo to shop)

This is cool if you want to go for that “I work on a farm” look without working on a farm.  I feel like the neckline nods to the the pussybow shirt Gaga and Melania Trump wore.  Obviously no bow.

Look #10 -Tartan Cambridge shirt $ 630 (click photo to shop)

Look #10 -Tartan Cambridge shirt $ 630 (click photo to shop)

This look features my boo Trouble Andrew who’s street art work was a key element in the GucciGhost collection.  Proof that you can spray paint shit and then get a contract with Gucci.

GucciGhost t-shirt $ 420, Wool hat with Web $ 295, Interlocking G chain bracelet in silver $ 490, Bleached denim tapered pant $ 860, Queercore brogue boot $ 1,490, Stretch cotton socks with tiger $ 95. (click photo to shop the look)


I normally don’t but cheap jewelry but this bracelet is kinda cute.  Silver tho -_-

Interlocking G chain bracelet in silver $ 490 (click photo to shop)

Gucci Bengal GG Supreme suitcase $ 2,490 (click photo to shop)

I want this bag.  I seriously need this.  If I had to live with no other property but what could fit in this bag + this bag, I’d do it in order to get this bag.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t need another bag, I need therapy.


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