Hand Knit Jockstrap by Haus of Betch (NSFW)


After scrolling through Instagram one day I saw that one of my friends @michaeljamesnow was wearing a Knit fucking jockstrap.  I had to have one – so I followed the handle link in Michael’s photo caption and landed on designer J.R’s instagram page:



I knew after seeing this jockstrap I had to try one for myself.  Jockstraps are my favorite thing to wear under my clothing.  After being an underwear model and working in the clubs in west hollywood prancing around in the latest and greatest underwear for two years – I know a thing or two about a good jockstrap. I also learned that jockstraps make your ass look amazing under pants and make me feel sexier than I am, lol.

My aesthetic is: rocker on the outside – jock slut on the inside.  IF that makes any sense.  I digress.

So, I DM’d designer J.R just to ask where I could get one and if he’d be down with letting me interview him because it was just the weirdest, pervy granny trend I had ever seen I just wanted to get to know more about the person behind the jockstraps.  He was so sweet he custom made me a jock as a gift and sent one to me asap.

I finally got to trying it on and I can’t take it off – my BF demands I wear it the the rest of the day and I am not about to argue with him.

Check a few more of my shots and J.Rs interview below.  I’m experimenting with editing photos more like old porn clips – purposely grainy and color shifting the reds and blues in order to give a 3d effect if you wear 3d glasses – give it a try!
I’m sick of looking at normal photos every blogger posts.  You’ll never find normal edits from me – I prefer dark and mysterious and weird.  Hope you guys like.

All Photos taken by my boyfriend:  @shawnlasleytrainer and should not be reposted anywhere without emailing permission first: marketing@fakebestfriend.com Thanks!

The Interview:

1) Describe your jockstrap idea and how you came up with your creative process:

So, I actually kind of stumbled into this one, but it’s inception came from my desire to learn how to knit a scarf for myself. I picked up some yarn, some needles and after watching a few videos….success! After I had posted pics, folks wanted to buy, so I sold a few and shortly after, a very handsome friend of mine (who I kind of wanted to impress) asked me if I could do a jock. Duh, of course I was going to figure it out #lolz and that is how “Haus of Betch” came about.


2) How do you get unstuck creatively?

I walk away. Although what I am making are jockstraps, I try create things for people that are unique and one of a kind, so I try not to rush things if my brain stops working momentarily. I may start working on something else or put it down altogether and go about my day, because I know at some point (it might even be at 3 AM) I am going to get that #YASSSS moment and be able to finish it. 


3) How much time has this Knitted Jockstrap concept or strategy phase taken?

It has actually evolved pretty quickly….this time last year, I was only doing scarves. Once I had the jock idea, I knew that if I could turn out a quality product, that folks would want to have it. About 9 months ago I made a prototype and reached out to the most amazing fella up in Canada @brettbretters (look him up) who was not only an adorable gogo dancer, but an uber talented professionally trained dancer as well, to see if he would post a pic in a sample if I sent it to him. He was so sweet, was all about it and everything just kind of took on a life of it’s own from there.


4) Tell me about your brand goals for 2017:

My brand goals for Haus if Betch is just to get the name out there. Initially I had thought I could sell a few locally, make some fun money and let that be it, but I have found that the more people dig what I do, the more I am inspired to continue the hustle to be “out there”. 


5) Who should wear this Jockstrap and why do they need to try it?

Who shouldn’t?!?! I am a hippie at heart and believe in living a life that is all-inclusive, so when I started gaining a following, I made it priority to rep as many different folks as I could on my IG profile (and I have only started). I think there is true beauty in everyone, and am so proud offer something to literally any man. As to why you need to try it…uhmmmm who doesn’t want something that was made just for them and no one else has? 


6) Who inspires you creatively?

Anyone and everything. Most recently, some more mature gentlemen, that I am dyingggggg to post #dead #staytuned.  When someone places an order, I like to have a little consulting sesh, so I can get a sense of who they are and what they might like, and I let that guide my creativity. Having said that, I have also drawn inspiration from things like cupcakes, neon signs, flags, social media, you name it!


7) If you could pick any male model in the world to model this jockstrap, who would it be?

So #obsessed with Shahs of Sunset  on Bravo and would live and die if I could get one of my pieces on Reza Farahan. I already have a a piece in mind! #eek


8) Where can my readers purchase one of your jockstraps and how much are they?

Right now, I sell 100% directly from my Instagram profile @haus_of_betch. As to how much….it really varies, based upon how detailed the piece I’m working on for you. Unless you live West of Hollywood, it is most likely going to be the most spendy thing in your undie drawer, but considering the time it takes to create something unique from start to finish by hand and just for you, so worth it. Treat yo’self Betch! 


9) Tell me about a creative project you’ve completed that has made you the most proud?

You are watching it unfold as we speak. I knew I was always creative and there was a business model in there somewhere, but I never had the confidence to venture out on my own and was always waiting to team up with someone to make it happen. I totally tripped and fell into this one and as odd as it sounds, knitting jockstraps totally happened very organically. I am passionate about making folks happy, and I have been able to use this venue to do that, so this has been my proudest project, so far! It helps that my friends and family support what I do, even my 95 year old gram peeps my work and gives me the thumbs up! #noshit


10) What is it made out of and how long does it take to create?

Really depends on what one is looking for, but what has been most comfortable for fellas has been acrylic…I am also a big fan of how clean it looks once knitted. I can definitely do some higher end materials, but sometimes things get fuzzy and the last thing I would want is for you to have to lint roll your junk before you hop in the sack with a hot date!


11) Do you have any advice for a newbie designer who is scared to venture into creating their own brand?

Be prepared to hustle to get yourself out there and if you are not, then wait until you are; if you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will likely not see things through to their full potential. Listen to yourself.  Get advice from people you love and care about your genuine interests, but at the end of the day trust your gut. Above all, you miss 100% of the opportunities you do not take, so DO IT BETCH!

Find Haus of Betch on IG for any injuries or special orders:  @Haus_of_betch

Thank you again J.R – I was in love with your jockstrap before I even received it – and I am absolutely sold on it after wearing it.  Thank you.



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