How to Style Chic Athleisure Looks Featuring Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing

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As I venture into enhancing my outreach and supplementing my brand growth, guest blogging and collaborations are inevitably coming at me a mile a minute.  I’ve feel so lucky to have received such great feedback after my blog launch and am getting more work in brand image consulting and styling than I expected.  It’s cool to have a larger influence over a market, I just didn’t think I’d be at this point so early in my styling career. But what do I know?  I just follow my gut and work to represent the best work I can do.

This week I sat down with designer Victor Perez who was kind enough to share some Athleisure style insight. Victor is the designer and creator behind the LA Based Athleisure brand DiSnapback; which boasts limited edition caps and Athleisure styles favorited by the fashion world’s elite style creators. With big names wearing DiSnapback such as: Ken Downing, Paris Hilton and Marc Jacobs – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize anyone with a style conscious needs to take a peek at this brand to keep their daily wardrobe on point.

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