#Instaoutfittuesday : Instagram Looks That Caught My Eye – 10/25


I am constantly scrolling my social media platforms like a freak.  Why? well because

A) I’m addicted to pretty things.


B) I love to look at the outfits people are wearing or my own styling inspiration, Duh.

I can’t get out of bed without being excited about what I’m going to wear. And some days it really is left up to the last minute, and 30 outfits later before I choose the perfect shade of black and textured leather. -_-  My besties deserve little tidbits of style tricks and one of my favorite inspiration-tricks to use when I am lacking enthusiasm for my outfit is to grab inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. 

In honor of this trick I’m sharing today, I conjured up a hashtag because at this point if Donald Trump can be a presidential nominee- I can do whatever the fuck I want too.


The perfect hashtag to reference when Monday is finally behind you and the rest of the week from here on out is easy sailing. So no excuses ladies, here are some cute looks to apply to your own looks this week.

Some of today’s looks were posted as early as 5 minutes ago, and a few are from peeps previous posts weeks ago. All in all, they are fresh to me and fresh to you, boo. Style is constantly evolving and recycling so if I see something I think is relevant – I’ll post it here and boss you around and tell you to try it like the annoying best friend I am.  #thatswhatfriendsarefor

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Ekaterina @ekaterinasworld has the most insane bod. She rocks so many different looks and could probably kick ass in a pair of Giuseppe pumps if she had to. I like this cropped Nike top as the feature piece of her workout look. Blatant word branding is very in per #the90strend. I see her all the time at Equinox in LA, and she always had the dopest outfits. Check out her instagram for more options for fit style inspiration plus, she’s the CEO/Owner of @nutemplefoods! Brains and beauty = slayyyyy momma!!!


Nixx, LAs finest celebrity trainer and fitness guru kills #thegymstyle game daily. Additionally she’s one of my best friends and let’s me dress her up in crazy shit all the time. Pictured: She’s wearing blue life fit bra on top with the dope strappy back detailing and her Andi Bag @theandibrand never leaves her side.

#bodybynixx #thesquatwedge #beautybootcampla

Not only is Nixx a fit exotic bombshell, she’s also an entrepreneur, CEO, designer and a even toured as the opening act for the Black Eyed Peas *jelly*. Nixx has multiple products coming to the market soon so follow her and keep a look out! Shes pictured here using @thesquatwedge too get that extra edge in her squats and that is one of her secrets to maintaining that beach bod all year round.

@kreayshawn ain’t no basic bitch – and she reminds us with her army green fur bomber in this look. The nod to #the90strend with her faded locks and jelly bracelets is my favorite. Kreay has always had that unique Bay Area vibe with her personal style – where it’s less about the brand name and more about the unique eclecticism. I used to live in Richmond so I respect a bad ass woman with talent and style who hails from a place that is not considered a fashion or style capital yet sends a clear, fun style message without even trying.. #510represent


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@briexxana is a beachy-blonde and LA socialite, it’s no question as to why I love her taste. Brie epitomizes the edgy, California-cool trend effortlessly because well, she’s fucking from Cali and it’s engrained in her soul, duh.  In this look she layers accessories nicely and cmon wind in that HAIRRRR.


Follow Brie on instagram if you want to scroll an impeccable feed featuring her fun nights out in Hollywoods hottest hangouts and her outfits styled and ready for a snap, cap and a retweet.

❤️ @overtonecolor ❤️

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@hieucow has rainbow hair and I’m jealous. But the outfits styled on her and @kellyeden in her instagram pic above are a nod to both #athleisure with #the90strend represented in the flannels tied around their waists. These looks are easily translated from a young, hip fashionista to an older womans refined tastes with or without the bold choice of hair colors.  


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