Fashonista.c0m notes that “Once again, West did not get permission for his New York Fashion Week time slot, and CFDA president Steven Kolb doesn’t think the industry should tolerate it”.  I agree.


It was discovered on Tuesday, with very little fanfare, that Kanye West would indeed be bestowing upon the peasants -which is any human being besides himself – Yeezy Season 5 during New York Fashon week.  But here’s the kicker:  HE PLAYED BRAT AND DIDN’T FOLLOW THE RULES.  Aka he chose the exact same time as Marchesa’s 2/15/17 – 5pm time slot WHICH YOU DONT FUCKING DO.  Marchesa has dressed his wife Kim Kardashian a number of times including the time Kim and Kanye sat front row at Marchesa’s 2013 spring show.  Honestly, I’m not surprised.  The dude couldn’t plan an outfit to save a life let alone a show the right way.


And by the right way, we’re talking about common sense/decency based industry regulations that are in place in order to avoid unnecesary drama caused by planning disasters like for example; his Yeezy season 4 horror of a show that infamously held most of the major fashion players captive for over FIVE HOURS on Roosevelt Island. 

 Former Tyga Flame Stops and removes shoes on Runway at Yeezy Season 4 Presentation after a rushed, poorly constructed heel sample prevented her and numerous other models from walking.

Former Tyga Flame Stops and removes shoes on Runway at Yeezy Season 4 Presentation after rushed, poorly constructed heel samples prevented her and numerous other models from walking.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.15.33 AM.png

Models unzip heels due to heat exhaustion.

Here’s how the New York Times described one of the models on stage during Yeezy Season 4’s presentation who was having a hard time walking: 

Hobbling, slumping, the poor young woman stopped at several points along the way to find balance and recompose herself. Who can recall what she had on? Who cares? What focused everyone’s attention was her fragility, the humanity of this person unable to move forward, or backward, hindering the progress of the models piling up behind her, trapped.”


Models sitting due to heat exhaustion or part of the performance?  You be the judge.

In addition to showing during Marchesa’s planned slot, other designers who risk being upstaged by West on the evening of the 15th, depending on how long his show runs, include Anna Sui at 4 p.m., Thom Browne at 6 p.m. and Ralph Lauren at 8:30 p.m.  Is he insane?  The ego, I CAN’T DEAL. You do not chose your time.  You do not defiantly upstage fashion legends just because you want to, it’s so tacky.

If Kanye West wants the approval of the fashion industry — and truly, by all accounts and rants, he does — he should start by respecting their time and not thinking he is too good for the calendar.



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