Spring/Summer 2017 Cap Trends That Will Get You Laid and Your Bills Un-Paid

While many designers for Spring 2017 opted to leave models’ heads bare, and to just play with different kinds of hairstyles, others decided that the spring/ summer 2017 hats were exactly what they needed to add an extra touch of magic, refinement, or edge to their collection. Hats are an important staple for the summer season, since they help to shield us from the sun, but they also make for an excellent addition to any outfit.


They say 80% of your selfies feature your accessories, so how do you choose which options you should fit into your Spring/Summer wardrobe?  Never fear, dear –  Below I’ve compiled my take on what should go on your head in 2017.

#1: Ladies – Don’t Pay Your Bill’s, Buy These Hats:

This season’s baseball cap trend showed that high fashion can indeed meet activewear to create something that is just idiosyncratic enough to work.  I’ve called this the Athleisure Trend.  Elevated activewear placement for the right time and place.

Warning:  You may need to skip a bill or find a sugar daddy to pay for the following cap options.  Seriously.

At Chanel, pastel baseball caps were worn sideways, in a nod to the ‘80s and 90’s. At Moschino, the baseball caps were also on the “urban side”. They were made of puffy, patchwork leather in shades of black, red, and pink, and were worn both facing forward and backwards.

At Desigual, as usual, fascinating designs were all so important, including on some lovely fabric caps. The effect, thanks to the bohemian design, really reminded us of the ‘70s.

At Elie Saab, many of the models strutted down the runway in ball caps covered in sequins. It was a wonderfully flamboyant take on a historically sporty accessory.

At Off-White, the ball caps were actually a stark white, emblazoned with the word “woman.” We also saw baseball caps, both extravagant in gold and a little more plain, on the Philipp Plein runway. Lastly, we saw edgy caps at Versus Versace, inscribed with the brand name.

#2: Men – The Snapbacks That Will Get You Laid:

With so many options for Men, it’s hard to choose the right cap.  So let me narrow down my faves and introduce my new hat as well.  Scroll down for more.

👆Our classic Los Angeles times Vertigo Snapback. Stylish enough to wear anywhere. Shipped from Los Angeles $39 disnapback.com

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Boom boom met gala after

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For the Men who love Dad Caps and Snapbacks I suggest checking out Disnapback.com selection of expertly hand-crafted headwear options.  Char Defrancesco is a fan of their styles and was seen earlier this week at the MET with Marc Jacobs  rocking the “Di Flame NYC” cap.  Additionally I like DiSnapback’s Love Cap on denim pictured in their instagram post below and their HollyMetal Satin Option which uses classic rock band font embroidery and needs to get more play in the LA style world for sure.

Naturally, I decided to release my own cap for summer called:  “Red Label FAKE IT Camo Mesh Back 5-Panel” pictured in my Instagram post below.  It features custom “FAKE IT” in Ghost White lettering on a Crimson Label I applied by hand using a dry print method of lithography.  I hand finished them so, it makes these babies extra special.

They are available for purchase today at www.benpleasedressme.com and if you subscribe on my shop site in the main menu – you could eligible to receive a little discount 😉  Subscribers must sign up by the end of this week (sunday) to be eligible.


Other cap options that caught my eye are the Supreme Camp Caps that keep selling out everywhere – I wouldn’t personally wear it on my head because of the shape compared to my thick hair and giant skull but, I can see the appeal for someone with a smaller head.

I also like The Hundreds “Death Row” Dad Cap – again, sold out so good luck finding it.  I am partial to 90’s hip-hop and r&b so I can’t hate a hat with the branding of the most notoriously dangerous record label in history. #whoshottupac


Do you prefer the crazy and quirky spring/ summer 2017 statement trends, or are you more of the practical type who prefers more simple options? Let us know in the comments!




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