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Hard at work setting up with @dtmelissa Booth #335 for @rupaulsdragcon and the VIP shopping event tonight (for Drag Queens and VIP ticket holders only) - If youre gonna be at DragCon please stop by and say hi and check out the clothes and things Melissa and I have curated for you all ❤️

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Wow Ben! Nice set up. That's so awesome 👏🏽

Til you make it ✌🏻😁
New Camo Fake It Cap Available at @rupaulsdragcon this weekend April 28-30th - find me at @dtmelissa booth #335 all weekend huntys. $60.00 - Made in LA - limited run and signed.  This will sell out.
Today: be a cowboy/girl. ❤️
Full Front View:  
The Hail Mary Cropped Sweatshirt

This is the perfect layering option for a private bible study with your pastor. - Mary will officially be available at RuPauls DragCon 2017 @ LA Convention Center  - booth #335 - this weekend (April 28th-30th).  Get your tickets now!

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Pray You Dont Miss It.💀👽🙏🏼
She looks cold and I dont think she needs a prayer - she needs a long sleeve. #prayyoudontmissit #hailmary -
Backview: The Hail Mary Crop Sweatshirt - Perfect for Any all ages Church event or casual Christening. This will be available at RuPauls DragCon this weekend, subscribe to my blog to hear updates first:💀👽🙏🏼
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“It’s not about what I do, its about what I wear”

Welcome friends.  I’ve created my website as an extensive map of my style world to share with you.  Subscribe for FREE on the menu to the right and gain email access to private sales, free giveaways and designer releases before any other basic bitch on instagram.  And yes I will repeat: it’s all free.  Why?  Because that’s what friends are for.  Read more below about my style philosophy and how to be my new BFF.


“Style is what makes or breaks you.”
After living all over the country and traveling around the world I am sure of one thing: Style is more character than clothes, more attitude than affluence. It’s you making visible your inner self. So forget what you learned about appearance not counting; you can no longer afford to be without style.

Style is a form of communication, don’t be illiterate in the language of success.

“We will build a friendship.”

One of my core strengths is to listen.  I listen to who you are and apply my detailed methods of “Style Identification” to you as a unique individual.  There are no pre-set plans or templates I box my clients into and this is why I’ve been so successful, so quickly.  I stick to my guns and hone my skills every single day. Most Importantly, I stay focused on the real goal: helping you show the world who you are with the art of Styling.  That’s what friends are for.

“Changes suck. – I teach you to fake it til you make it”

I genuinely care about making people feel strong, and that is what separates me from my competition.  Throughout my life I have experienced a multitude of journeys including: struggles, set-backs, successes and recognition.  We all experience our own challenges and I see Style as a powerful tool that will positively guide you through your experience and help you deliver your message with power.

If you want to walk into a room and grab positive attention and respect, then follow me.  I have close to 100,000 social media followers online and it’s not because I had shitty style and don’t know what I’m talking about.  I influence people because I deciphered the social code to impact-on-introduction and I just so happen to be an extremely fashion-oriented faggot.  Combine those elements and you have yourself a formula for an influencer that relates to struggle, utilizes talent and gets the job done.

“Passion is my fuel and Fashion is my tool.”

Think of me as your Style Therapist. Instead of prescription pills, you get Dior and instead of waiting rooms you get appointments at ateliers and showrooms.  Custom design yourself from the outside, in.



  • The Style Inquiry:  Stage 1
  • The first stage of our friendship begins when you complete my Free Style Inquiry form (also available via “BOOK BEN NOW” link on the main menu at the top of my website). After my review of your inquiry, I gauge the fit of our relationship and apply my ideas for our consultation.  Please ensure you complete as many details as possible, incomplete inquiries are deleted – negotiations are always welcome but not guaranteed.
  • The Consultation:  Stage 2
  • Once I’ve received the appropriate information about your Style Project, I will meet with you in person to present my ideas and collaborate further to create your Style Plan. Upon agreement of the services and fit, a contract will be presented via email before the end of the day.
  • Project Plan:   Stage 3
  • I map out an extensive Style Plan for each of my projects which provides a clear and precise understanding of the steps involved in achieving your style success.

I would love to hear from you, promise.

Changing your life is as simple as changing your outfit, stop being a little bitch and take the first step now!

  • For the month of February:  If you sign up for Equinox through me by clicking here – You will earn credit through me for 1 style/wardrobe session (restrictions apply, contact me for details)

Fill out my Free Style Inquiry :



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