Donald Trump is the perfect example of how an image and style can and will be used against you.



Donald Trump is a man of many habits, gestures and animated expressions.  All of which define his style of speaking and ultimately cement a specific, easily recognizable public image into our minds.  Hollywood knows why Trump had the #1 television show of all time with the Apprentice – it’s because of the one star quality you cannot manufacture but is a crucial piece of the shows success… DONALD.  

He is an example of production value on steroids and Hollywood’s stance against him is much like the reason you didnt nail the gig after that callback audition in burbank last week: he is no longer necessary for this moment in Hollywood and the liberal media’s  message of a utopian-delusion they’d like to sell us as reality.

What if all we saw in the media were examples like the last image I posted of Donald above (smiling, clean-cut, not having a seizure). It’s Perfectly presidential, a Kodak moment. But we aren’t seeing that image of him because it doesn’t fit the style of villain the media needs to portray.  

The image of President-Elect Trump being clean-cut, tailored and smiling bright with enthusiasm do not fit the script being continuously read from the headlines and embedded into your head by our social leaders in influence that these celebrities and liberal media marketing-thugs have become.  

 It’s ok, you’re actually a victim of something real this time, the only problem is this isn’t the Matrix and the way the real world works is you have to wake yourself up or end up dead inside forever.  You’ll be left like a zombie, reciting the same well written headlines designed by our media to tap into our modern, sound-bite addicted psyches. Too late?  Point made.
The most amazing part of the Golden Globes was Merryl “Strweep” outting her career change from academy award winning actress to inspirational writer and propagator of political fiction.  While my moronic social circle cried and posted on their facebook pages like literal sheep about to be slaughtered, I sat at home in disbelief feeling like I almost wanted to cry for their stupidity.  Almost.

Luckily I have ADHD, so decided to write about their stupidity instead.  Welcome to 2017 – where people are empowered.  Including this gay, multi-ethnic, creative that ironically stands against a popular Hollywood mindset.  Surprised?  Yeah whatever, something like that.  I am sick of being nice to you people while being mistreated for actually doing what you claim you “support” which is.. *drumroll* thinking differently (than you). AKA diversity. 

 Thank you for inspiring me,  honestly.  Truly.  Go like my Instagram if you can’t read anymore because at least you’ll put your thumb taps to good use and I don’t have opinions there:

Never before have I been so inspired by the rewriting of actual, real life events as I have from the manipulated words or, story, that Merryl irresponsibly contorted to fit a tired narrative disguised as an acceptance speech.  Merryl deserves every award she’s ever received and she deserves another one for last nights speech (unless she believed it then…girl she just needs therapy and a fucking functioning MacBook with google and wifi). I had to to stop myself from being lured into the emotional trap of bullshit spewing as smoothly as Nutella from Merryls lying, talented lips to realize, wait hunnay –

 Merryl: You changed the real fucking story.  Again.

Holy shit grab the popcorn,  where is the Michael Jackson meme when you need it.  I literally need a Michael Jackson meme tattooed on my body for all the times I need it while living in LA.  Didn’t she learn her lesson with the apple industry debacle she spoke publicly about some 20 years ago?  The debacle where no proof was provided for an argument that cost the apple industry around 100 million dollars.  Google it.  Learn something.

M, babe.  Were you too stuck up your own ass to actually read about the post article?  To study facts about Donald’s exaggerated mannerisms?  Do I owe you the benefit of the doubt?  Or do you owe me as you claimed in your speech?  Are you authentic as a whole or  as an actor authentically delivering the necessary emotion of a message?  Does Sarah come from 7 or 8 kids?  Do facts matter anymore?  Wait, I keep forgetting.  We are In Hollywood, we just close our eyes and squeeze really tight until we just feel the facts and they’ll appear.  This is reality people not a Body By Simone class.  Wake. The. Fuck. Up.   

I digress.
The real life fact?  Hollywood’s artists are stuck in Coachella, day 3, 2016.  Propaganda in character defamation is perpetuated as truth and you all swallow it up like Tillikum post Blackfish Baby.  Propaganda that was manufactured by the press and based around a shit stirring politician who’s motive is putting falsehoods and truths of the presses own reporting into the spotlight.  A talent that is quite empowering if you like to live in the real world but its totally dangerous if you want people in a country to stay under your control by being fearful of each other and separated as a nation from the inside out.  Genius control tactic if you ask me.  *takes notes*  I’m kidding,calm the fuck down.

 Liberals: “But like it’s harder to accept reality and easier to PLAY A FUCKING VICTIM 24-7.  SO LET’S GO WITH THIS BECAUSE IT FEELS BETTER.”


The media is basically saying “WE ARE REAL NEWS”— When all the while the article FROM THE MEDIA THEMSELVES that could possibly validate Trump’s argument that any type of Islamic extremism or anti-American sentiments reside strongly within our own “borders” – no longer works for the media’s control on the average American mind therefore, “JK THAT ONE IS FALSE.”

WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE?  DO YOU CARE? No, you don’t.  I know some of you.  And unfortunately I know you better than you’d like- and you’re a shit person.  I’m really not  all that surprised you’d believe the media lies because when you are a liar, and a fake LA bitch – you tend to gravitate away from what is real and towards other liars and manipulators like the Hillary Clinton, slanted, one-way Media.  Girl I can’t even trust major fashion magazines to teach me real fashion, real art real trends and style.  Why is it so far fetched to question a big media company?  It seems only fitting to question them and keep them fucking accountable.  Like Trump is doing to protect your broke, ungrateful, no job havin’ ass.

The Real Golden Globe winner? The 9/11 article By Serge about the cheering Muslims watching the New York skyline post a 9/11 Islamic extremist terrorist attack. Yeah, the guy who reported for the Washington Post and New York Times (super super reputable right now) wrote something Trump used during his campaign as an example of why Islamic extremism is real and relevant. The article you probably didn’t even realize was at the heart of this “disabled hate” propaganda being packaged and sold to you better than a Kylie Jenner lip kit.  Stop smacking your lips of lies and feeling all relevant and important in “in”, open your fucking eyes.  Do I need to help you out of drug treatment and also get you lasik?  Apparently, I do because you’re fucking blind with astigmatism.  But unfortunately Obamacare sucks up all my extra money (even a 1%er) and I can’t afford to pay for your shit when I have to build a wall around every god damn asset Obamas administration has tried to steal from myself and my partners family.

Oh but, the media is good. Hollywood my friends is even better. The reporter Serge was disabled, but interestingly enough not the type of disabled you were made to believe by the propaganda perpetuated in the media’s false narrative.  But remember for Hollywood – something like ANY kind of diability: that’s production value baby and they put their thang down, flipped it and reversed it to work for their own gain.  I admire their execution and despise their intention.  Lets not forget the original perpetuators of racism via casting, writing and production.  The history of blatant racism and demographic generalizations that likely play a bigger role in influencing a society negatively than joking about a pussy grab, is available all day every day on Hulu or Netflix.  It’s not free though, they make you pay to be brainwashed with their “art”.  And whodon’t forget  pays for it: hard working inerics a  those red states.
MEDIA BE LIKE:Let’s steer your focus (and insult you without you knowing it) by manipulating facts to defame a person’s character and make everyone forget the real issue at hand” which is this fucking reporter wasn’t disabled enough to write an article so strongly backing Trumps message (now, in vain) that the only way the Washington post could back peddle something that supported Trumps argument was to….

(hint: Use the oldest propaganda trick in the book)

Lie to yo face and trick yo ass!

And guess what, while your heart yearned for some type of feeling within your hollow shell of an existence, and your neurotic eyes were too busy fiending for some kind of cry in an attempt to make you feel somewhat human again – you unknowingly  (I hope)  fell for a false narrative recited by one of the best fucking actresses in the God damn world.  AND ITS NOT A SECRET.  YOU PRAISE HER FOR HER TALENT OF LYING TO A CAMERA AND CANT QUESTION HER MOTIVE OR MESSAGE BECAUSE WHY?  Celebrities are treated like God’s instead of God actually being embraced as an actual entity.  You see the pattern?  Ok, cool.

The truth flew right over your head.  But then again maybe you took a bar and a half instead of 1 bar today so you can’t remember.  It’s ok, let me pat you on the back while you continue to act like a moron.  Not.
This is why Hillary lost guys. Truth prevails. No matter what fantasy, script your creative minds or, altered minds are living in- there are a few of us left who are not selectively deaf, dumb and blind.  Or: walking in a Hollywood-coma.

Sober up, snap the fuck out of it, GET A MOVE ON.   2017 is here and you need to read something other than the instructions on your xanax prescription bottle if you want to impact this world with something more than an iMovie audition reel and lies you tell your friends and family back home in order to continue your LA fantasy life.  The gig is up.  Is Trump winning the election not even getting you to question anything realistic?  How do you defend Hillary, at all?  It’s insanity.  I did my research – I tried to like Hillary,  I did.  I just have a fucking functioning brain and can use the process of elimination fairly quickly due to all the public crimes and belief system flip-flopping she’s committed.  I wanna fit in with you crazies, I really do.  But I am just a really crappy actor, I gotta keep it real.  

Look Xanny, there is a group of us waiting for you to see the reality that is being manipulated by the very technology that makes our society great.  And in my heart I really hope more people at least take a moment to hear a different opinion on the matter.  Take a moment to use the technology to educate yourself.  You owe it to anyone less fortunate.  Anyone who can’t find the facts.  Don’t be willingly ignorant.

Luckily, this opinion comes form someone similar to you.  I just evolved from allowing my emotions to get the best of my reality.  And punchlines aside, scrape of the Nicki Minaj mask and girl, I am just like you.  Just a lil more “Woke”.


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Read Ann Coulters writing about this subject for videos and some references:



  1. Damian
    January 10, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Arthrogryposis is a quite evident joint disease, especially in the case of the journalist Kovaleski.
    Certainly the media tend to disguise reality, that’s what they do all the time, but I believe Trump failed shortly when he claimed he didn’t know the journalist he clearly mocked during that speech, as they were on a first name basis for many years.
    I found it also funny that Trump was criticising and mimicking the journalist’s disability while stating that Kovaleski was contradicting himself after SIXTEEN years from his report, when actually he did it last night attributing to Meryl Streep the adjective “overrated”, while claiming publicly she was the best actress only in 2015. Well, he felt the need to defend himself from something.
    When you are representing a country, it is your responsibility to behave exemplarily.
    People don’t like to be represented from someone that should make them feel protected, attacking the weakest ones. I find it petty and rueful.
    This is the only reason why thousands of people (luckily) showed compassion and empathy for Meryl Streep’s speech last night and if she uses her gift to convey powerful emotions through her talent, fake or not, her purpose was certainly less distasteful than Trump’s.

      January 10, 2017 / 6:27 pm

      I think the responsibility of reporters to do their job with integrity and precision is also, equally as important and necessary as the president being a positive role model.

      If you look at the facts of what the Obama Administration has actually done TO the country (not for it) you would see the outright dishonesty in media reporting the success of this failed Obama administration. This is a perfect example of how when the media is on your side you can literally Fuck an entire country and yet, have all your discrepancies swept under a carpet of false reporting, fake news and asinine propaganda.

      The fact is, the unfair slant of the liberal media is just too blatantly obvious, and to deny this you would have to be either delusional or sinister.

      Given the important social and political narrative the article of focus was supporting during the time Trump was referencing it during his campaign – I find it extremely convenient and, highly doubtful that the contradiction of one’s own reporting about one of the most memorable and traumatic days in American history just so happened to occur precisely at the same time Trump was using this article to show references of Anti-American behavior from within our own borders. Journalism 101, don’t lie and don’t forget the importance of fact checking.

      Furthermore, an additional and relevant fact of disproving this “oops I forgot” farse would be the lack of a balanced media opinion demanding accuracy and accountability in this reporters claims. And if they existed at all why was this balanced point given little to zero coverage?✌️

      Because Donald Trump needed to stay racist to the American people. And if they helped him he would be supported with facts from their own side. And that didn’t work for them, boo.

        January 10, 2017 / 6:40 pm

        I forgot to add- the media also needed Trump to maintain a false image of being “hateful” to the American public. Racism is a popular and strong sticker to slap on someone you need to destroy – but why not also make people believe he hates anyone with a disability since they have the power to anyway.

        Executing this would be to cover up a notion that there are in fact alternate possibilities contradicting the reporting of Trump mocking a specific behavior that is the result of a disability that the reporter didn’t actually have in the first place.

        Let me be clear since clarity can and will be used against my arguments – no one is doubting A TYPE of disability exists for this reporter- we are however putting emphasis on the facts about the real physical traits of said disability are NOT the same as the ones the media tried to claim Trump mocked.

        They are apples and oranges. But if you manipulate these two different pieces of fruit to make them look the same- an average american who may pay less attention to detail will buy the apples as oranges and vice versa. It becomes the same therefore sells the fruit and by the time we get home to eat the fruit and realize something is wrong- the damage is done.

        Trump wasn’t mocking the reporter for being disabled he was mocking the reporter for being a back peddling piece of shit liar and cowering down to being called out once he got caught. And for that, Bravo Trump. He did a fantastic job giving us an example of a WEAK SOUL and bad reporter.

        Trump doesn’t need an award from his peers, he was rewarded the presidency by a country full of differing opinions and two eyes wide open. What he needs is balanced media and that does not currently exist.

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